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Acceptance of the terms

Using the services and products, you agree with the qualification and limitations to be bound and comply with these terms and laws.

Restrictions to Use

Use of the services are subjected to compliance with these terms and conditions. You should know and agree that leatherbeltshop.com can terminate you from the subscription at any time if you fail to comply with these terms and conditions. This can be done without any prior notice or any notice.


If we accept your subscription and become a registered user of the website, the information provided by you will be safe and will not be used with any third entity or party. Please read and understand these Terms & Conditions because they govern when you visit our website t and use our website. Using this leather belt’s website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions that will be applied, displayed below, and our privacy policy and others are also included. We advise you to check this page regularly to note any new changes in the terms and conditions and our new upcoming products. Please register for our walk-in brick and mortar company; conditions of sale regarding purchasing leather goods will not be the same as you will get from us. All leather belt items shown on our website are in stock, ready for immediate dispatch. If any problem in dispatching or product is not available, your item is not available upon completing your belts’ order; we will contact you immediately.

Shipping limitations

When an order is placed, it will be delivered to the address that the person provides at the purchase time. All purchase from this website is based on the contracts. . As a result the risk of the loss of the product purchased through this website passes to your delivery of the item through a carrier. You are responsible for any damage to the products.

Accuracy of the information

We assure you that the information on this website is complete and accurate. Still, the data can be incomplete, incorrect, or out of date due to our efforts. For example, maybe some products represented on the website may be unavailable or may have some different attributes than the listed. Besides, we make some changes to the websites without any notice or information. But we must confirm the orders through SMS or emails. Or confirmation or acceptance of the order. We have the right; we can change any information to the website with any notification.

Inappropriate Material

You are prohibited from posting in a comment or review any illegal or inappropriate material, or that could be considered a criminal offense. If you post any material that gains our terms and conditions, we have the right to take any action against you to prevent the violation.

Custom order

Your order is accepted once payment is received from us. A confirmation email or SMS will be sent to you to confirm that we have received your expense. The item will be dispatched from our website the same day as payment is received and delivered with the fast delivery system using a tracking number. Please check the address and confirm that it is selected for delivery as we are unable to make changes once your order is placed with Leather belt Company.

 Occasionally and very rarely, events outside of our control may mean delays are incurred and can take time. We will inform you if there is any problem or delay in the delivery. All orders are sent out using our delivery system as our chosen courier once payment is accepted, using a tracking code. Delivery prices can be different from place to place. Leather belt shop we take pride in making your shopping experience enjoyable with us and delight in your delivery arriving on time. However, for unknown reasons, our courier may experience delays or some problems in transit. Leather belt shops are then required to abide by the terms and conditions of the delivery company.

 On all orders with our website, you can pay us online by credit or Debit card and Paypal, visa card, and stripes via the website.

 Please note products and prices are subject to change, and you can be charged in US dollars, euro, and bonds for buying purposes. Exchange the currency on the website required cash. Like USA dollars, euro and bonds, you can purchase products.  Please also refer to the currency exchange rate your card issuer applies to the transaction to change your currency in which the website receives payment. This applies to refunds, too. As exchange rates fluctuate, the cost may incur from your card provider. The Leather belt Company is not responsible for the changing rates in any given country.

We will not be held responsible for pricing errors of goods due to internal or software problems and other major or minor problems. The Leather belt Company reserves the right to decline orders if this is the case.


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