Kids Belts

Kids Belts

Kids belts are not just a beautiful accessory but also an essential part of a kid’s outfit. You can find kids belt starting from infant up to a waist size of 22″ for grown-up kids. Moreover, there are many pants and jeans available for boys. A well-designed  leather belt must fit all pant loop sizes. A leather belt for kids is an excellent part of the entire styling, from casual to formal.

Kids belts are necessary to keep the trousers in place because kids are too active to take care of their trousers. Many leather belts are handcrafted. We use the best quality material to ensure the comfort of kids. Belts get designed and crafted with more attention to detail than an adult belt. Apart from the belt straps, the buckles are made out of durable material to be sturdy. Belt buckles also get shaped carefully to avoid having sharp edges to ensure the safety of kids. 

Toddler Belts come in a variety of colors, unlike men’s belt. Kids look adorable in colorful outfits. Leather belts need various colors and designs to match the styling. Boy’s leather belts get created differently than leather belts for little girls. Belts for girls get adorned with glitter and embellished with sequins and beads. It adds more charm and glamour to the belts. Boy’s leather belts are available in several colors and sporty designs. It keeps them suitable for boys’ outfits.

Size Guide

It would be best if you were a little careful about selecting the size for your kid’s belts. Since kids grow fast and their size changes quickly. Measure the waist as the belt would fit. Or measure a belt being worn from the buckle end to the hole that gets used. Leather belts for kids always have at least five holes providing room for growth.  

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