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Leather belts are most o the used accessories by men to add the styles in any regular pants. It is one article in the dress that can be replaced fast. Leather is a delicate material. Therefore there is a need to take care of it to retain its durability and luster. Taking care of the leather belts is more comfortable than the other leather products and doesn’t take much time. Here are some steps you can take to care of your leather belts.

Clean it

Dirt can be developed on the belts over time; therefore, you should clean the dirt. You can clean the dust with a soft brush with a little amount of soap. Rinse with water by cleaning on both sides of the belt.  Let it dry. You can use a hairdryer for fast dryness.

Wear the right size

The most important thing in taking care of the leather belts is to wear the belt’s right size. When you wear a loose belt, it will develop creases because of how you fold around the waist. If you wear a belt too small, it can damage due to the stretch. A good belt is 2 inches large than your waist size.

Keep it dry

The biggest threat to the belt is water because water stains the belt. If water spills on your belt or wets in the rain, immediately clean it with a towel.  You can use any dryer or heat source to speed up the drying process.

Store it properly

It’s also important to avoid keeping in the basement or any unheated area. It will get mold or cracked when place in damp places. So it is better to keep it in the breathing space.

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