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Leather belt shop is the new name of the family’s own business that started manufacturing leather belts.

Today, the 2nd generation is running the business. Business starts with actual products like leather belts for men, women, kids, and many more banners. Leather belt shop.com enjoys a fine and good reputation in the market due to fair business.  Our fair commitments are fair quality and delivery to the clients.

What is leather?

Leather is a challenging and supplier material obtained by the tanning of the animal’s skin, like buffalo and cow. Leather is serving humanity throughout history. It has been used for many things like jackets, clothing, and shoes. Initially, the furs and hide of the animals gave us protection from the cold. We are using pure leather for making belts. The leathers consist of collagen fibers which are strong enough to make the belts more robust and reliable.

Who are we?

Leather belt shop is one of the finest leather belt manufacturers in Pakistan and is also known as the custom belt manufacturer owned by Malik Muhammad Imran. We believe in supplying only superior quality custom leather belts to all their customers. We are custom belt manufacturers, so our artisans manufacture over many different vintage leather belts in our leather company. Leather is the leading leather belt manufacturers and supplier, a 100% export company with superior quality and customer services. Leather is a custom leather belt manufacturer that makes belts for men, women, and kids, where customers can buy leather belts’ design as per their fashion and trend.

Our products

Kids, men, and women use leather belts as it is one of the essential fashion accessories. Leather belt shop specializes in the manufacture of medium to high-end men’s, kids’, and

women’s belts. As a custom belt maker, we provide custom belt service to customers worldwide, especially in the UK and USA, as per requirement.

As leather belt manufacturers, leather belt shops have a collection of high-quality leather belts that are genuinely creative due to their uniqueness and firmness in design with every vintage color that enhances formal wearing of men and women and casual occasions. We are the finest leather belt manufacturers who strictly follow all the designs and norms of quality control of leather during the belts’ making process.

Leather belt shop is Pakistan’s best maker providing leather belt manufacturing service to our customers worldwide. We also have a professional designer team who makes the designs according to fashion and trends with sample development and manufacturing capability. As designer belt makers, we provide our customers with the best quality leather belts and personalized leather belt manufacturing service and help them build their leather belts. Being a leather belt maker, we only use water-based adhesives and edge paints to protect the environment.


Leather belt shop is the most flexible leather belt manufacturer who is also a custom leather belt maker. Whether your design or ours, we can customize both leather belts and buckles according to customers. We can also design the belt and put the logo or brand name of customers on leather belts and buckles. As custom belt manufacturers, whatever method you decide to manufacture your buckles, strap leather belts, leather belts, you can be assured that you are getting the high-quality material you deserve and a leather belt you will use for a long time. The leather belt shop’s entire manufacturing of leather belt hop is carried out from beginning to end in Pakistan.

Quality and services

All our belts for women, men, and kids are made from pure and genuine leather. These are made with our established commitment and expertise with soaring high-quality leather belts and most reasonable prices. We also set social and ethical compliance when dealing with the suppliers, giving us a reputation amongst clients and customers. The company team is genuinely proud of receiving positive feedback from our regular customers on the leather belt. The feedback makes us strive for the highest and best quality of leather belts, customer care, and product knowledge. We want to enjoy the best shopping experience of the belts with us.

Why buy belts from us?

Are you searching for leather belts for men, women, and kids? Find the quality leather belts from us—a belt made of a single, vital solid piece of full-grain leather in timeless classic style. Get a full-grain leather belt. Belts are the essential parts of our dressing. A belt is a leather strap used to hold the loose and heavy dress around your waist. Leather belts are also used as the fashion for ladies ‘ dresses. Whether being worn for fashion or function, a well-made leather belt can be used for a long time.

We only use full-grain leather for the belts. The hide of the leather is just like a roof. The top part of the belt has shingles that are the most rigid and resistive part of the roof; likewise, the leather grains have a top layer that is also resistive. We changed our leather belt buckle and rivets from nickel-plated brass to stainless steel. The brass is strong enough; you will feel good inside.

The leather belt we are making is not just one layer of leather; instead, it is made of three-grain leather layers. We also make the middle layer with leather instead of filling it with such a cold filler, which does not have quality.

Our mission

We love fashion, and our mission is to share this love with other people. This the era of fashion, and without a look, there is no personality in the world. Our mission is making the world confident in their living and in society. Because of this, we created leatherbeltshop.com. You can buy all types of leather belts like men, women, and kids from this shop.

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